Lawn Mower Would not Start off? How To Bounce-Start off a Lawn Mower

Table of Contents Stage 1: Do a garden mower brake and battery check outMove 2:  Examine the battery terminalsAction 3: Change off your car and pop the hoodMove 4:  Connect the cables in the appropriate buyStep 5: Switch the ignition essentialPhase 6: Remove the cables in reverse buyPhase 7:  Fully […]

If you have a lawn, likely 1 of the major downers to your weekend is to turn the ignition and find that your driving lawn mower will not start out. What presents?

Lawn mowers generally fail to get started because they’ve been languishing unused for months (like in the course of winter season), which, on battery-pushed products, can lead to the electric power system to go dead. At this place, you may presume you have to obtain a new battery, or get your mower to a repair service center for servicing.

But what a lot of persons don’t know is that there is a 3rd option: You can bounce-start out several garden mowers with your automobile.

I have individual experience with this, and it functions. Very last year, my mom’s using mower wouldn’t start off, so she wished to attempt soar-starting off it with her Honda. I told her she was crazy, until I did a Google look for.

So, with some YouTube tutorials below my belt, I headed to her garage to test it, hoping that my epitaph would not end up reading, “She exited the planet in a flash of electric power on a grass cutter.” Luckily, it was straightforward to figure out, even for a metropolis lady, and I’m nonetheless below to convey to the tale.

In situation this takes place to you, below are the measures to soar-starting a garden mower with a motor vehicle, together with some skilled advice on safety precautions to get and pitfalls to steer clear of so you’re back to picture-perfect grass in no time.

  • Jumper cables
  • 12-volt auto battery, or a battery charger
  • Work gloves/eye protection
  • Wrench
Leap-beginning your driving garden mower with your car or truck ought to generally be finished on a flat surface.


Stage 1: Do a garden mower brake and battery check out

Prior to you do everything, make certain your driving mower is on a flat surface and it is turned off with the park brake on. No one particular requires a runaway riding mower!

Future, find your mower’s battery.

“Most riding mowers hide the battery below the hood or seat, but dependent on the manufacturer, you could possibly also obtain it beneath the consume holder, behind the wheel, and in other challenging-to-discover areas,” suggests John Cunningham, founder of

If you simply cannot locate the battery just by poking about, test your person guide.

After you have positioned the battery, make confident it is a 12-volt.

“Most modern day riding mowers do employ this kind of compact-engine battery, but if yours occurs to have a 6-volt battery and you attempt to jump-get started it with the car, you’ll blow the battery,” warns Cunningham.

So let us emphasize this: Considering that most drive garden mowers have smaller engines of 6 volts or considerably less, you ought to not try to soar-start out a push mower, as you could blow the motor. For a 6-volt model, you can use only a battery charger.


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Not guaranteed what voltage you have? The voltage should really be said on the battery label, but if you simply cannot locate it, you can also search Google for this details if you know the brand of the battery.

You are going to also want to make positive the battery is secure and is not damp, considering the fact that leaking battery acid will burn up your skin.

“Keep in mind batteries are inherently unsafe because of acid and the actuality they can also deliver explosive gasses,” suggests Cunningham.

If you ascertain that the battery is leaking, you are going to want to change it, not jump-start it.

Move 2:  Examine the battery terminals

Dirty, corroded, or free battery terminals can inhibit the circulation of electric power these types of that even if you do all the techniques right, the battery won’t obtain a charge.

“Battery connections typically shake free mainly because of the vibration and bouncing that accompanies garden mowing, so you are going to want to verify to make sure the cables are hooked up securely,” claims Duston Maynes, complex group leader for RepairSmith.

You also want to make confident that your connections are thoroughly clean.

“Corroded terminals can be spiffed up by sprinkling baking soda powder instantly on the terminals, then go ahead and include a spoonful of plain h2o, and after about a minute the acid will be neutralized,” suggests Cunningham. “Next, wire-brush the terminals and add a coat of grease or Vaseline to assistance prevent additional corrosion.”

Last but not least, this is a excellent time to detect which battery terminal is optimistic (+) and which a single is detrimental (-). The battery poles will commonly be purple for good and black for destructive. This is essential to know for potential ways.

Make sure your battery terminals are clear and tight, and identify the beneficial and unfavorable.


Action 3: Change off your car and pop the hood

Park your car close to your driving garden mower, and flip it off. Hold it off for the complete process!

Pop the hood, prop it up securely, and locate your car’s battery. It should really also be a 12-volt.

“You want to make certain that the vehicle’s method is the same voltage as the garden mower,” says Maynes. “Some huge vehicles use several batteries and have elements that operate on a 24-volt method, which would be way too much.”

Make positive both your lawn mower and motor vehicle battery are 12-volts just before hoping a soar-get started.


Maintain in intellect, you may possibly have to get rid of a plastic defend to entry your car’s battery terminals. As soon as you have found the battery and terminals in your car, once more consider the time to recognize which battery pole is beneficial and which is detrimental.

Move 4:  Connect the cables in the appropriate buy

How you do this move is essential: Get issues.

“Going terminal to terminal will make that vehicle part of the other’s electrical method,” states Maynes. “Precisely following these methods will reduce the odds of a spike, which would problems the charging system all through a soar-get started.”

Make certain you have a safe operate area with no tripping hazards, and check out that your cables are extensive sufficient to attain from the riding mower to the motor vehicle. Remembering that you will link the exact same color cable to the corresponding battery pole, attach the jumper cables as follows:

  1. Link a single stop of the pink jumper cable to the beneficial battery pole on the battery in the lawn mower.

    Link the purple cable to the favourable terminal on the lawn mower battery.


  2. Hook up the other close of the crimson jumper cable to the constructive battery pole on your car’s battery. Really do not enable this conclusion touch any steel on the vehicle, or you could see a whole lot of sparks and perhaps damage your car’s battery.

    Connect the other finish of the purple cable to the car’s favourable battery terminal.


  3. Connect one particular end of the black cable to the car’s adverse battery terminal. The negative cable is extra forgiving, so you do not have to fear as considerably about it touching metal, as long as you do not hook it to the good cable.

    Clamp a single close of the black cable to the car’s damaging battery terminal.


  4. Link the other close of the black jumper cable to the steel mower body away from the gasoline tank and battery.
    “The remaining negative jumper cable is connected away from the battery, for the reason that when linked, it makes a modest spark or arc,” says Cunningham. “In theory, this could ignite battery acid vapors if it is far too close.”

    Attach the last black cable clamp to metallic on the system of the mower.


Step 5: Switch the ignition essential

After all the things is linked, change the ignition essential to start out the mower. If the battery isn’t entirely fried (that means it demands to be changed), this jolt need to be more than enough to carry your driving garden mower sputtering again to lifetime.

“If you get the engine to transform above, go in advance and permit it to run for a number of minutes whilst continue to related in buy to juice the battery up,” claims Cunningham.

Phase 6: Remove the cables in reverse buy

With the garden mower engine continue to operating, take away the cables in the correct opposite get of how you connected them. In other terms, disconnect the black cable from the mower frame initially, and then disconnect the black cable from the car’s battery. Following, disconnect the pink cable from the vehicle’s battery, then disconnect the purple cable from the mower’s battery.

“This decreases the risk of damaging electrical elements as you crack the relationship,” says Maynes.

Phase 7:  Fully cost or replace the battery as quickly as feasible

At the time you’ve got the riding garden mower likely, you are going to possibly have ample electric power to drive it for a bit. But in buy to continue to keep this from taking place again, it is clever to absolutely cost the battery with a battery charger as before long as feasible.

Fully demand your battery as quickly as feasible following you’ve leap-started it.


“If the battery refuses to start out even right after you’ve tried jumping it, you will need to check the battery with a volt meter,” suggests Cunningham. “You could have to acquire a new battery, or there may be one more problem like a defective starter, which will have to have service to deal with.”

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