Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters – The Perfect Toy Hamsters For Children

It is almost that time of year when parents, families and friends will be thinking about what gifts to buy for their loved ones. It seems that the toy that every child will be hoping to find under the Christmas tree is a zhu zhu pets hamster. 

These are the new toys on the block and could be a real success in your household, if you choose to follow the trend and invest in these pet hamsters. 

What Are Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters?

There are currently four different toy hamsters to choose from. They are made to look exactly like real hamsters. They are about the same size and they have the same sort of colorings so when children play with these toys, it will almost be like playing with the real thing. The four different hamsters have their own personality traits and different colored fur. The names are Mr Squiggles, Chunk, Pipsqueak and Num Nums. 

How Do These Toys Function?

Each toy has an inbuilt intelligence system which is battery operated. When the toy is switched on it is able to run around all over the room and due to the computer system inside, it is able to sense when it arrives at something that is blocking its path and can turn around and head off in a different direction. This is something that is sure to keep kids amused as they can create their own blockades and watch as their zhu zhu pet negotiates its way around the space.

Once you have thought about buying one of these toy hamsters you may be interested in looking at the zhu zhu pets accessories that are also available. These include a hamster slide, a supercharged hamster car and a hamster exercise wheel. 

Zhu zhu pets are available from different stores both online and off. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on them, you are sure to have a very happy home this Christmas with these little toy hamsters running around keeping the kids nicely occupied.

Jacquelin Burkhammer

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