Half Water Half Gas Review – is Fuel From Water Technology a Scam?

Lately, there has been a lot of talk online in websites and forums about the ability of water to run a car. This sounded really strange to me at first, and I was really skeptical when I first heard people saying that it really works. I then proceeded to carry out further research on this subject as I was looking for a way to reduce my gas expenses.

1. Does Water From Fuel Technology Really Exist?

After much research, I discovered that many skeptics think this technology involves putting water into their gas tank and burning it for energy. This is obviously impossible and is not how the system works. Instead, the goal is to extract a certain type of gas from water called Brown Gas, which can then be burned for fuel.

Nothing needs to be added into your automobile’s gas tank. In order to do this, a conversion system needs to be built and attached to your car. I then found a guide called Half Water Half Gas, which I proceeded to download. It promised to show me how to build this system step-by-step in under an hour.

2. What Are The Advantages of Using Half Water Half Gas?

Following the diagrams and instructions in this guide, I was able to completely build the system and attach it within an hour. I have since experienced roughly 70% increase in fuel economy. On top of that, I am buying a lot less gasoline than I previously had to, helping me save up tremendously on monthly expenses.

3. How Does The Half Water Half Gas Guide Work?

Once you see the diagrams, you will find that this process is not complicated at all. The conversion system that you build will draw electric current from your car battery through a special coil into a small water reservoir. It is used for electrolysis, which is the separation of water into gases.

The Brown Gas that is extracted is then fed into your vehicle’s intake system to eventually become a source of energy. This is how water seemingly becomes the source of fuel for cars.

Jacquelin Burkhammer

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