Corvette Delivery Dispatch with National Corvette Seller Mike Furman for Oct 23rd

Corvette Delivery Dispatch with National Corvette Seller Mike Furman for Oct 23rd

Criswell Chevrolet’s Mike Furman delivers new Corvettes to his customers who come from all across the country to work with the nation’s top individual Corvette seller.

As we start this week’s Delivery Dispatch, the CorvetteBlogger family offers condolences to Mike and his family as Mike’s father-in-law Tony passed away this week. May God bless your family during this difficult time.

During the week, Mike was able to make some Corvette Dreams come true for these happy new customers, and his barn find and vintage photo collection is rock solid with some great pics that I’ve never seen before. Mike says he has nearly 70K more that have never been posted so I think we may have to talk to Criswell about a contract extension to make sure that both of us will be around to get through them all…one Sunday delivery post at a time!

You can see all Mike’s posts through the week on his CorvetteFurman Facebook Page.

~With a heavy heart, my Father in law passed away this week. Tony bought his first Corvette, a 1957 as a year old car and promptly drove it to college to finish out his Senior year at U of Vermont in 1958. He owned three Corvettes, 1957, 1961 and a 1975. Tony was a great son, husband, father, brother, Uncle and grandfather. Loved and missed by all, he had a very fulfilling life. Tip of the cap to my father in law, I actually knew Tony longer than my own father. I will miss his conversations by the fence post as I call them. Each one a lesson from a very respected and dignified man.

~Jim O. of Southern Maryland has been on the hunt for a 1998 Indy 500 Corvette gas powered car for 25 years and I supplied the lead that ended his long quest last week when he picked one up in Dover, Delaware. It’s brand new and never started!!! What a find! So as a finders fee (I asked for nothing) he drove 90 minutes to my home and dropped off a 1978 Indy 500 Pace car body for a gas powered car. Jim knew the story that I had told him of Malcolm Konner Chevrolet having this body cut in half and mounted on the wall of the staircase that led you up to the 2nd floor Corvette showroom in the Konner Chevrolet dealership on Rte 17 North in Paramus, NJ. So the Corvette hobby is alive and well and Jim now owns 41 gas powered Corvette mini cars…now I need to find him a 1958 Gas powered Yardman Corvette. The search is on!

60 years ago this week. Original cutline: “On Greenwich Ave., New York Yankees’ pitcher Ralph Terry takes the wheel of sports car given him by Sports Magazine as the outstanding performer of the 1962 World Series. Yanks defeated the San Francisco Giants for the World Championship.” Photograph by John Campbell.

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman

~Autumn is setting in nicely, just not looking forward to raking all the pending leaves about to drop. The colors are vibrant this Friday afternoon. Laytonsville, Maryland.

~C8 Corvette Deliveries and More for the Week!!

~Scott F. of Sachse, Texas factory ordered from me a fully loaded Red Mist 2023 Corvette Z51 convertible and I had it drop shipped for courtesy delivery at his local to him Chevrolet dealership in Richardson, Texas. Scott had a new set of cool wheels to install as soon as he took delivery. I’ve always called this a “Day 2 “ modification. Scott is thrilled with his new Corvette and is looking forward to putting many miles on his world class sports car!

Quick email from Scott…”Hello Mike,

“It was a long journey but the Corvette is finally here and I’m loving it. I went to pick her up with my 78 year old father. He’s had 10 Corvettes in his time and always wanted a mid-engine Corvette ever since they started talking about it many years ago. Well, he can’t afford one now and it’s a little difficult for him to get in and out so he is living the dream with me. I offered to let him drive it but he is holding off for a bit. I think he is a little apprehensive. He’ll warm up to it eventually. This is my second corvette. I bought my first one when COVID hit in 2020. It was a Goldwood Yellow matching-numbers 1965 Corvette powered by a 350-horsepower L79 327cid small-block V8 linked to a 4-speed gearbox. I loved the 65 but it was not comfortable and I was longing for the C8. So I sold the 65 and here we are today. So that’s my story. I’m sure you get a lot of stories but I thought I’d share mine. I’ve attached a pic at the dealer, one at home with the new wheels and a pic of the 65. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I really appreciate all you’ve done and putting up with all my questions, even though you’ve sent emails with all the details!”

Take Care,

Scott F. of Texas

~Rod B. of Herndon, Virginia factory ordered his very first Corvette and the mid engine Corvette is a world class sports car and Rod was looking forward to his first drive. Bob (purchased from me Corvette delivery #5,000) was kind enough to drive Rod to Criswell Chevrolet this morning and after the paperwork was set to take a short ride with Bob to three covered bridges approx 20 miles North in Frederick, MD before heading to their respective VA homes. Rod ordered an Amplify Orange 2023 Corvette coupe and the orange seatbelts really set off the interior to perfection!

~Randy S. of Soddy Daisy, Tennessee factory ordered his new Black 2023 Corvette coupe with Sky cool gray interior and today he had the red carpet rolled out for him…and several friends that joined him. Equipment list: 2LT pkg, midnight gray wheels w/red stripe and more.

~Wayne and Nicole H. of Boonton, New Jersey factory ordered an Arctic White 2023 Corvette Coupe with Adrenaline red interior. Wayne’s first Corvette was a White C7 so he was excited to drive the mid engine Corvette home. These two folks are super nice and will thoroughly enjoy the 8th generation Corvette, it certainly is a world class sports car and todays first ride will make them instant believers.

~Pam and Rick G. of Olalla, Washington planned on driving the East Coast and knew their Corvette allocation was coming up so they made an appt with me to spec out their Corvette order in person…I even got to meet their beautiful pup, Cosmo!! They didn’t let 2,700 miles get in their way from ordering their Corvette from me here at Criswell Chevrolet of Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman

~Jeff and Lydia C. of Purcellville, Virginia found this Black 2023 Tahoe Premier on our website as an available inbound unit and pounced on it as they knew it wouldn’t last long. They arrived bright and early this morning and smiles were all around. Here is an email after they arrived home.


“What a genuine pleasure working with you and the entire team at Criswell. I am sure we will do more business together in the future and am more than happy to refer customers in the market for a new or used vehicle to you and Criswell. Will touch base when I come by to get the truck ceramic coated, maybe we can grab a cup of coffee or lunch?”

Thanks again,

Jeff and Lydia Of Virginia

Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman
Corvette Deliveries with Mike Furman

~This weeks Corvette barn find and throwback pictures with a nod to Frank Class as he always enjoyed my old pictures. I only have about 69,000 more pictures to share so stay tuned!

Drive safely and enjoy the week.

Mike Furman

Criswell Chevrolet

Gaithersburg, MD

301-212-4420 desk direct (not a text line)

Off Fridays and Sundays

“I sell and ship Nationwide and have done so for 45+ years!

[email protected]

Click on the link below for Cigar Aficionado magazine article that just came out:

Cigar Aficionado: The Legend of Mr. Corvette

Each day I post up Corvettes stories and delivery videos…follow on Instagram: corvette.furman and Facebook: CorvetteFurman

Mike can deliver new Corvettes at Criswell Chevrolet in Gaithersburg, MD or through the National Corvette Museum’s R8C delivery program. He can also deliver new Corvettes via covered transport direct to your door or a courtesy delivery to the Chevrolet dealer near you.


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